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Parag Raheja

Sales & Marketing in E-..., Exp: 11.0 yr
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Disha Bhattacharjee

Development specialist, Exp: 11.0 yr
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I want to understand which subject combinations to choose in 2nd year to maximize chances of placement

Parag Raheja

Sales & Marketing in E-Commerce, FMCG & Technology

Let me answer this question in two parts: 1. It is always best to major in the subjects that you are genuinely interested in. 2. Ideally you should be able to pick complementary subjects like if you are interested in taking up a job in sales & marketing, you should ideally pick up marketing as a major along with any other minor of your choice. However picking up subjects like marketing and finance usually doesn't help a lot unless you are very clear you want to go into General Management roles (which are usually rare at the s...

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