Who We Are

How far can google really take you?


While we agree that the answer to any question in the world can be googled, when it comes to practical knowledge sharing it pulls up short.


Started by MDI and DU alumni in stealth mode, Friendly was conceptualised when they realised the true power of having the right guidance during college makes a significant difference. 


Online professional networks often fell short as a means to get guidance - from the monumental task of finding the right person to connect with- debating whether or not they will accept your connection request or ignore it because they do not know you in person. And if you are lucky and they do, try to find a seemingly intelligent way to ask “Should I join a company because it offers the highest package?” or any other question that might be critical to you but maybe elementary to them. The other way to connect is through on campus formal events but it is time restrictive and superficial. Current students never really get the chance to get personalised advice from alumni at these meets and it ends up being an event for old batchmates to reconnect. 


Seeing this from the alumni’s perspective, there are those who want to actually help students at their alma maters but the opportunities are few and very far in between and location and travel constraints restrict one one one interactions once they have graduated and moved cities to work. 


And so the founders decided to bring the power in the hands of the students so that they could talk informally to alumni about anything related to college life and careers while also ensuring that alums’ time is well spent, helping students by sharing their insights and guidance